I moved to New York with a dream to find myself and create the life I imagined as a young girl. Within 6 months, I unknowingly entered into an abusive relationship that would reshape my future and everything I knew about myself. The one constant was my instinct telling me what was wrong. 


The relationship ended in a traumatic way, which led to roughly three years of darkness (see: trust your instinkt). Luckily, I was eventually referred to an advocacy group, where I became a trained advocate in domestic abuse and sexual assault cases. I spent the next year on call supporting survivors in the ER. In these horrific moments, I witnessed the profound impact strangers could have on one another through unconditional support. 


I founded instinKt after meeting so many beautiful people around the world who related to my story. I wanted to create a comfortable and relatable space for survivors to learn, support and heal with each other.

We may have different stories, but together we have the power to empower one another and inspire change. It's time to let go of the stigma, educate future generations and build upon our innate intuition (aka instinct).


How I Can

Help You

After my training as an advocate and years of mentorship, I know the impact one person can have on someone's life. Personally, I know how it feels to have someone underst...
One On One Coaching
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